The Best Things about Taking a Self-Guided Walking Tour

Most destinations, if not all, have places best explored on foot. This is why walking tours are so popular. With the right guide, you can learn more about a city, town, or neighborhood and see a lot of interesting things you could easily miss if you have not wandered around its streets and alleys. But if you like to wander around independently, self-guided walking tours are always a great way to go. Here are just a few of the top reasons why.

Explore at your own pace and time. A self-guided tour provides more freedom to meander at your own pace and linger without worrying about inconveniencing others who may have to wait for you. It allows you to spend as much time as you want to see what interests you and pick any place you want to rest or enjoy a meal at any time you want.

Choose your own solo walking adventures. Grab a free map of the city from your hotel. Or you can download a map online and choose from among the many options you can find which route to take. Some cities even provide maps that offer ideas on the best walking tour trails and the attractions you will find along the way.

Take detours anytime you want. Taking a guided walking tour often means sticking to an itinerary. Apart from the time-constraints, it does not provide much flexibility for sudden changes. The great thing about independent walks is that you are free to take a detour if you want to. You can choose a sightseeing stop that you may want to explore more. Or you can check out a park or garden that you might come across on your solitary walk.