4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Green

Going green is not just a sustainable and healthy choice, it’s also an affordable one. To ensure your garden is kept environmentally friendly, follow the four easy ways below.

Use kitchen scraps to make compost

Compost is a gardener’s gold. It enriches the fertility of your soil, allowing your plants to receive nutrients. Compost the right way by using your vegetable and fruit waste rather than sending them off to the immense landfill. A rich and earthy compost doesn’t only stimulate the development of healthy roots but also enhances the texture, aeration, and water retention of your soil.

Use water wisely

Add compost and mulch to your soil to preserve water and at the same time, decrease evaporation. Also, it’s best to water early in the morning to avoid unwanted evaporation and strong winds. Remember to water directly to the roots as well. Harvesting rainwater is also an excellent idea. A rain barrel won’t hurt your wallet, and harnessing water from the sky is a great way to lessen water costs.

Another useful tip is to use gray water. Gray water is comprised of the remaining water in your house that has been left after you showered, bathed, washed dishes, or washed clothes (except water from the toilet). Gray water could also be used to water your garden, although it should be kept away from produce. You could ask your plumber to install tubes in your home to transport gray water from inside your house to your garden for reuse.

Keep your garden clean

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Get rid of weeds which compete with your plants. Grasses also demand water to grow, and they’ll do everything to get the nutrients and water from the soil. Make sure you clean your garden by using weed trimmers. Remember, the cleaner your garden is, the more water and nutrients can reach your plants, and the healthier your plants will be. You can also use the same cutters to keep shrubs and trees trimmed. Cut off the lower branches and limbs which could selfishly take water away from the rest of the plant.

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Use natural pest control


Lastly, refrain from using chemical pesticides. Instead, keep pests away by adding plants that bugs hate. The favorite go-to plants are marigolds, lemongrass, citronella, and chrysanthemums. Planting herbs like garlic, mint, and basil is also an excellent idea. Also, allow butterflies and bees to enter your garden. They help spread pollen which is known to keep gardens growing. Any flowering plant can attract them, but the most popular ones are goldenrod and lilac.